Who am I?

I’m not really that interesting of a person. Currently I work as a Regulatory Affairs Coordinator at a skin care/cosmetics company. Don’t worry, it is about as exciting as it sounds…

I have a pretty varying range of interests. From the usual music, movies, and tv shows, to the more odd subjects like psychology and religion (not a belief, but the concept). Let’s start:

Music: Grew up taking piano lessons since I was 5, then picked up the clarinet for a couple years, trumpet, french horn, and since college, the guitar…eh kind of.

I’ve got a wide range of musical taste. I usually tell people I’ll listen to anything except country. I’ll amend that to say that I’ll try listening to anything except country.  With that said, I spend most of my time listening to my older albums from the early 2000’s and the late 90’s, my jazz collection, or my movie scores. I also listen to trance from time to time, as well as some other random things.

Movies/TV: As with the music, my range in the visual entertainment realm is fairly wide. Well, at least within the movie realm. I don’t watch too much TV, more on that later. I don’t really have a top favorite movie of all time, it varies sometimes. But I do have a list of favorites. This consists of movies such as Star Wars Original Trilogy, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and others. Like music, I have a genre of movie that I genreally steer clear of which is horror movies. I’ve seen a handful and I just don’t really enjoy them for what they are. Just not appealing to me. Other than that, I’m down for just about anything.

TV wise, I’ve grown to like sweeping dramas and well written comedies. I was a big fan of 24 in it’s early years, which gave me my taste in serialized television. Grew out of Heroes after it’s sophmore season, so all I’m left with at the moment is Lost. But that’s okay because I’ve become pretty obsessive over that show. Even listening to podcasts and reading blogs about it.  Arrested Development, The Office, and 30 Rock have spoiled my comedic taste. I can never go back to the traditional sitcom again.

Other Random Stuff: Somewhat related to Movies/TV, I’ve always had an interest in production. The ‘appendix’ documentaries on the LOTR Extended Edition DVDs piqued my interest in the artistic side of film making. The care that Richard Taylor and the WETA Workhops put into their work is very astonishing. I wished at the time that I could go back in time and be able to take part. Unfortunately I was on mental track and pressured to be an engineer. An International Studies degree later, I’m finally wanting to pursue my dream of working for an animation studio (Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, etc), or a visual fx house (ILM, Weta, etc.). It’s a big goal, so hopefully I’m up for it.

More to come…


2 Comments on “Who am I?”

  1. Katharine Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog thus far, Dan, thanks for sharing the link 😀 The first sentence up here I don’t agree with though – I think you’re pretty darn interesting, not to mention very articulate.

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