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August 12, 2009

Due to some customization limitations, I’m moving my blog over to

Everything will still be there, well at least post wise. I’ll have to build up the rest of it whenever I get the chance and when I have stuff to put on it.



June 14, 2009

There I go again, ignoring the blog for a couple of weeks. Don’t worry I have a good excuse though!

Ok maybe it’s not that good. So what happened was that I went and saw “Up” in 3D the day it opened in theaters. I was pretty blown away by the movie and was meaning to blog about it. But then I got lazy, and decided that I would do it after I saw the movie during the next weekend with my friend. We ended up not seeing it until today though, so now I’m finally here.

Unfortunately I don’t actually have that much to say about the movie. I’ve never written a review before, and there are tons more out there to read, so on the off chance you haven’t seen the movie yet (if you haven’t, go NOW), or read a review, I’ll just say this. Brilliant. Pixar movies always seem to improve upon themselves on multiple viewings. At least for me anyways. You get a chance for your eyes to wander the screen a bit more, and you often find some deeper meanings in the story than you saw before. As always, the animation is superb and the visuals are astonishing. With the previews for the next Ice Age movie, and a couple other CG animated movies, you really can tell that Pixar is above and beyond the look of their competition. But that is enough gushing for now.

I have also recently upgraded my computer. Previously I was running a 6 year old desktop, and supported by 4 year old G4 Powerbook, and my netbook. Neither of those machines are particularly good in the power department and hard drive space was dwindling (except on the netbook….500gbs in that sucker hehe).

I build a machine with a nice 2.33ghz Intel Core 2 Quad, a good helping of ram, a smattering of video card, and a large dose of 1tb hard drive, all in a smaller HTPC sized case. I mainly built the machine to run Maya for when I hopefully get into Animation Mentor in September. But for now, alongside trying out Maya, I’m using it to store all my media and for light gaming. And by light gaming, I mean games that are at least 4 years old.

So that’s enough incoherent rambling for now. Hopefully my next update will actually have some good content. Peace.


May 14, 2009

Yea, so that’s the funny thing about me having a blog. I can neglect it.

I was never that much of a writer in school. Both academically and for fun. This is something I really should do though. Would do well for me to brush up on some writing skills, and by association, my communication skills.

Nothing much has happened since my last entry other than me getting mad at some more drivers, doing some more practice animations, and oh yea…not moving home anymore. Whatever, it’s probably for the better. Having not lived at home for almost a quarter of my life, it would be just too weird to move back inside those walls.

I should go now, I’m still on a high from the “LOST” finale and just having gotten back from seeing “Star Trek” in IMAX. Pretty awesome.

Homeward Bound

April 5, 2009

Yup, I’m moving back home in about a month and a half. That’s all

The Incredibles

April 2, 2009

Been watching the movie since about an hour ago. I still love this movie everytime I see it. It was hard for me to choose Ratatouille as my #1 favorite Pixar film over The Incredibles, but Bird will have directed both. Oh well. Back to watching….Mr Incredible is about to get owned by the expanding sticky ball things.

Speed Bump…

March 17, 2009

Well, bit of a problem. Not that bad though I guess….

I called up the prospective school today and they aren’t accepting people for second bachelors degrees. Not that the CSU website, as well as the department’s own website said there was such a thing.

But I shall not give up so easily! I am off to try some rudimentry animation on my own. The simple bouncing ball. Yup, starting there. Let’s see how this works out heh.