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Rant of the Day (April Fool’s Edition)

April 1, 2009

Well it’s not really an “April Fool’s Edition,” it just happens to be written today.

But I digress…today’s rant will be about drivers who leave too much space in front of them. Not really on the freeway, thats fine, I can pass you. I’m talking about the people who leave more than 1/2 a car’s length between them and the car in front at a traffic light.

This didn’t really piss me off today, but I was just entertained. So on my way back from work, almost the whole way down the long street I take there was this white VW Beetle that consistantly would stop a good 1.5 car lengths behind the car in front (me for the most part). I get leaving space for that whole “in case someone rear ends you, you don’t hit the car in front”┬áthing, but you don’t need that┬ámuch space. Especially when there are more than 3 cars behind you. You ain’t gonna be pushed that far.

The reason that it pisses me off is because countless times I have been behind these idiots and have been prevented from getting into left turn lanes, or making it through intersections, and so on. The other week I saw this lady in a Corolla a good whole car length back, with a dude in a Tahoe behind her with his left signal on, waiting to get into the left turn lane, only Corolla lady is blocking his way. Is this a valid reason to get pissed off at these people? Hell yes.

It is pretty amazing how absent minded (or spacially blind) people can be while behind the wheel of a car. So many people drive like they are the only car on the road and don’t yield to or really notice anything around them. Another great example are when you are on two lane road, and are stuck behind two douchebags going the same speed (always below the speed limit) right next to each other. Impossible to pass, and very annoying. It usually takes these idiots a good minute or so to have one pass the other at a painfully slow rate. And keep in mind, you have to wait for them to pass them enough for you to get by BOTH cars because the “faster” one sure isn’t going to notice the backup that they caused and not change lanes to let you pass.

That seems like enough ranting for now….april fools?…no.