Hey guess what?

More life drawings!

Yea, I’m gettin pretty boring, but you know what, I can’t really think of anything to write about. At least not a serious blog post. I could write a rant about something if I wanted to, but I should probably do best to keep my swearing rants to myself and free from here. Some might slip, but hopefully not soon.

Anywho, had my last life drawing session today. The first two are 20 min poses, the last one was a 40. I dunno, I think I’m getting better….
ld 810 1

ld 810 2

This one I like. The teacher had some brown paper and colored pencils since he uses those, so I tried doing a figure shaded with a white pencil. I think this method was actually a little easier to get the hang of after a few mins. Might try some more stuff like this later.
ld 810 3

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