Back from the dead…

With some Life Drawings! Haha…yea that was lame.

Anyways, just got back from my first life drawing session ever. It was pretty cool actually. There are only three other people in my class, all dudes. One is an art teacher at a catholic school in a nearby town. One of them was actually my statistics professor back in college. Talk about a small world eh? The other dude was pretty quiet, but I think he’s an animator at a gaming company. Hopefully he’ll start talkin more as the weeks go on. Maybe I can get a connection out of him or something…

I’ve tried drawing some nude models from pics off the net, but I found it hard to find a proper pose anywhere besides finished products. So this was a pretty good experience. I like the “3D-ness” of it. Having a model actually there makes it a bit easier actually. When you move your head, you get a different view instead of the same picture. My first attempts of the night sucked pretty hard, but I eventually got better. I produced a couple respectable ones I think.

Laying Pose

Sitting Pose

Now it’s time to go read some Harry Potter 🙂

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